Thursday, February 25, 2010

The first of March (my long envisioned "first brew day" date) is quickly approaching and the brewery is but moments from operational. By the middle of next week... the kettle burner will be fully functional and the cooling system will be virtually complete. All hoses, pumps, and fittings will be in house. We'll place our first malt and hop order. The bottle conditioning room will be insulated. Our barrels will be en route from the Russian River Valley. Our logo and design will be close to solidified. We'll have a 2 faucet draft system in place for retail/sampling (and post-work brewer libations). We will place our first bottle and growler order... and we'll contemplate our first brew day.

Postpartum depression? Likely. Perhaps I will be left with no other choice than to start another brewery in the near future... to keep reproducing. The top ten reasons why a brewery is or is not better than a girlfriend?

In Denmark and Europe, Grassroots Brewing remains active. Our Broken Spoke Blackened IPA will be on draft in Belgium at the Pre-Zythos festivities - Ryan is personally transporting a keg for the event. The first pallets of the beer have arrived in Italy and will be on draft at Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa' within the coming week. Pallets will ship to Copenhagen by the end of next week. Speaking of Italy - Mikkel, Ryan, and I are finalizing a Mikkeller/Grassroots Collaboration for the Ratebeer Summer Gathering in Italy. I can't release any details, just yet, 'cause it's a top secret mission, but I can tell you all that it is one of the most unique and thoughtful style bending beers that I have partaken in...

The Danish and Belgian flags are now hanging in the brewery. Works of art soon to follow.

Off this weekend to Montreal. Dieu Du Ciel! and Wilco - and one of my last weekends of perceived and relative "freedom." I'll now get back to dreaming... Shaun e.


Mike Roy said...

1. A brewery doesn't complain about farting

2. When you get rid of old brewery equipment you don't have to send it a check every month.

3. A brewery doesn't care what time you go home.

4. A brewery doesn't mind if you use hot caustic to treat a stinky drain.

5. You can share your brewery with friends and family.

6. A brewery never has a headache

7. A brewery doesn't get jealous when you go to another brewery.

8. A brewery never gets upset if you spray it with your hose.

9. A brewery doesn't care how much you earn as long as you pay your utility bills.

10. A brewery never complains about a wet spot.

francispercival said...

Hello there.

I am sure that this must be hitting you at the busiest possible moment, but I am writing an article for Culture magazine ( about the use of beer in cheesemaking and it would be great to feature your work with Winnimere. If you have a moment for a chat, drop me a line on francispercival [at] hotmail dot com.


Stillwater Artisanal Ales said...

hell yeah man.. excited for you buddy!

Stillwater Artisanal Ales said...

oh yeah, BTW that Blackened IPA was a refreshing treat in Belgium. I was in need of a serious hop fix after all the Belgian beer and I was pleased! :)

C_Conant said...
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C_Conant said...

ShaunE, your buddy Mike's Top Ten List is spot on. I was going to try and add some more, but I think he hit them all on the head. Good on ya buddy. Looking forward to getting up to your place soon to catch up over a nice Hill Farmstead Brew. Cheerz mate.